The Brick Search!

Over 25000 Imperial Bricks will be used in the rebuilding of Broadway Station, and within that number, a variety of "special" bricks are required(see diagram below). In addition the two platforms will contain over 30,000 blue engineering bricks (Staffordshire Blues). Good progress has been made by the Broadway Volunteers in reclaiming bricks from the Station site. Some 5000 red bricks were also reclaimed from Village School near Coleford, in the Forest of Dean and 4000 Blue bricks have been rescued from a Sewage Works at Wisley. Sourcing sufficient second-hand bricks for the construction of the buildings was never going to be easy. In the end we were able to source a consignment of new bricks in the style and dimensions to give the buildings a heritage look. The photograph shows some of the special bricks around the window frames.


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