The Jo Roesen Scrapbook


The Demolition

These photos were most likely taken in November 1963. Author unknown, kindly provided by a passer-by ! Coll BAG.


1: Looking south along the platform. The slabs have already been removed. The station building is still there, but the awning has lost its roof. The platform 2 running in board has gone, but the waiting room and Gents is still there. The signal box has gone. Only the WAY OUT sign remains. The goods shed is just visible in the distance, the only original part to survive today.

2. The demolition here is in full swing. The footbridge has already gone, with part of its valancing visible in the foreground, as well as a rail from the cattle dock. On the far right can be glimpsed a cast iron post from the platform 1 running in board. The area in front of the station is stacked with large and small slabs from the demolished platforms. The pile of steel rods in the centre has not (yet) been identified. More were found in the early days of the site reconstruction. The pines in the background are only half the size they are today. This view was taken from the NE corner of the car park.

3. View from the drive up to the station cottages The station has lost its roof. The station was so designed as to have its front door on the platform, and the car park side had no doors. Passengers were expected to enter the station through the gates on the right, at the foot of the footbridge, turn left and walk along the platform to the booking office.

The gates here have been removed and stood against the wall of the station building. The platform slabs on platform 2 have been lifted and turned on their backs, out of the way of passing trains, which were still using the line for another 13 years to come, until the line was effectively closed by the big derailment at Winchcombe in August 1976.

4. The picture below was taken by Brian Parsons, who very kindly gave me quite a bundle of pictures he took in the 1960s around Broadway station. Brian was a Worcester engineman, who lived in Broadway. His picture allows us to date the demolition of the station as November 1963. The waiting room walls are still there, but the roof and awning have gone. The two cast iron supports at the foot of the footbridge are still in their positions. These were subsequently bulldozed, and buried in the remains of the station further up the bank. We found them a few yards away in 2012, buried 2ft deep in the earth while mining for bricks and platform slabs. Some of these had been stacked ready for removal, but were never taken. Instead, the slab piles were bulldozed over backwards, and we found them stacked end on deep in the dirt. Many were still useable, and are now back on platform 2!

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