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1964 and the Station was Gone!

Three pictures taken in 1964, after the station was demolished.

1. 3775 on a down goods at Broadway has just two bricks left of the station, in the foreground on the right. Behind the loco is the location of the platform 2 waiting room-only some mounds of earth remain. The trees mark the extent of the former platforms. In this view we would have been standing in front of the station building, looking at the footbridge. Although most of the scrap iron was removed, some was buried: two platform 2 footbridge columns, a broken cast iron column from the Gents, and the bases of the platform 2 footbridge end. A finial from the gentÂ’s column was found buried near the fence line, and this survivor was used to cast three new ones, to equip the new running in board posts.

2. 3830 on an up goods -this picture was taken from the area of the former cattle dock, looking across to the former platform 2 at its northern extremity. The fire in the loco is perfect - no smoke, a curl of steam from the safety valve, and the driver leaning out from the cab, relaxing. It wasn’t always hard work ! 3830 was built at Swindon in 1940, and cut up at Cohens Morriston in October 1965, being last shedded at 86A Newport Ebbw Junction.

3. 7005 Sir Edward Elgar (formerly Lamphey Castle until 1957) heads south at Broadway with the 18.15 Worcester-Cardiff goods on 27.7.1964. In the foreground we can see some concrete remains of the demolished station, while the background shows the approximate site of the footbridge on platform 2. This sort of freight duty is a sad end for such a magnificent 4-6-0, and the loco was withdrawn in September, just two months later. The last shed was 85A Worcester, and she was cut up at Cohens Morriston in January 1965.

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